A new semester and a new blog schedule

Hello, dear readers! How are you? Have you started back with a new college semester, and if so, what do you think of your classes thus far? Any that have already roused interest and perhaps even ardency? Any that already summon groans with the slightest thought? Regardless of which category your classes fit into, I sincerely hope that you discover something new and invigorating this semester and that you push through all of its adversities knowing that you’re yet another semester closer to that dream you’ve been pursuing. (It’s on the other side–just keep pushing for it!)

This semester, I am taking Microbiology for the Health Sciences and Anatomy and Physiology II–my last two prerequisites before the nursing program. I promise to keep you updated on both of these courses, but for now, I can already say that both will likely be more than enough to focus on this semester. Both professors unhesitatingly announced that their classes are “hard” and will require us to “work our butts off.” Needless to say, this semester will contain countless hours of reading and studying as well as weekly visits to the lab. However, on a lighter note, I am already just as passionate about the content of A&P II as I was with the first course (this time, we’re covering more organ systems!), and even Microbiology holds promise as an interesting class.

Now, if you already scrolled through this entire post to gauge the length, you’ll notice that it’s shorter than the others. And even if you haven’t, I apologize for the abruptness. I wanted this post to be more of a check-in with all of you as well as an update on my progression with pre-nursing and a change in the blog schedule. Because I am not in nursing school yet (but give it another semester), I can only share with you experiences, thoughts, and opinions that relate to pre-nursing or even simply the average college student, and even with that said, maintaining a weekly post schedule can be difficult when mixed with classes and work. Thus, I will now be producing posts roughly once a month, with some exceptions here and there. I hope that you understand and that the new schedule is still frequent enough to satisfy your interests. Either way, good luck with this semester, and 


Nursing students unite!