Only one more full week–And apologies

Hello, my readers–be you few or many! For the sake of honesty, I will go ahead and say that this post will be a skeleton compared to the others. If you’re in the same situation as me, you’re more than busy already studying for finals on top of research projects, chapter and article readings, quizzes, and work. Excuses? Perhaps, but going brain dead (which if you’ve taken A&P, you’ll know is only diagnosable through two main methods) from overworking myself is not a preferential life choice. So, if you’re expecting more, stay strong. I’ll resume better postings once finals are over. But until then, be patient with my bare posts…or a complete lack of posts altogether.

For this post, I simply want to remind my fellow students, nursing or not, to take time to consciously relieve stress. Does it seem impossible at times? Absolutely. But is it actually attainable and realistic? With moderation, yes. So, instead of forcing yourself to work for hours on end, set reminders to take a fifteen- to twenty-minute break for every hour of studying/work. But if you’re like me, even that’s too much time taken away from an already busy schedule. In that case, five to ten minutes minimum per every hour is better than no break at all. 

And what should you do during that window? Well, quite frankly anything that is both healthy and is most effective at relieving stress for you. Personally, I drink tea and watch YouTube. But some other options are exercising (which will also boost your active memory for studying!), leisurely reading, sketching, coloring (which you’re never too old for–ever), spending time with friends and family, and even napping (but set a timer for this last one). You may even want to try giving yoga, meditation, or even journaling a try if you haven’t chanced one or any of them. All are highly effective at lowering stress levels and improving mood. 

But if not anything else, remember to breathe and focus on the reasons why you’re in college in the first place. It’s not a fully pleasant experience, but we all have reasons for persevering despite that. Remind yourself of those. Maybe even write them down. Aside from the people you’re close to, they’re what will pull you through the harder times.

Stand fast, my friends. (And if you’re a CSU student, we’re only a little over a week away from the break now!)


Nursing students unite!