Want to get your research published?

Well, I’ve got a word for you: Momentum

Hello, my dear readers! I have to ask you to excuse me for my lateness with this week’s blog post. The college life has been hectic, as usual, and to be honest, I’ve been struggling to find motivation for the blog. But I’m persisting in the hopes that at least one person is touched by this blog–directly or indirectly, profoundly or subtly. And for this post, I’d like to share with you a research publication opportunity that is open to any and all college students, be you a CSU student, a student from Oregon, or even a student from Germany. 

In short, Momentum is an undergraduate research journal that originated from our very own Columbus State University but is open to students from all departments and even from colleges all across the globe. So, if you’ve been working on research of some kind–be it a literature review or a full-blown independent research project–Momentum may be the perfect choice for you! All you have to do is ensure that the draft of your research meets the guidelines on Momentum’s website (under the Submissions tab) and qualifies as legitimate research (as opposed to some form of creative work, which is more suited for Arden). 

If you’re interested in showing off the fruits of your labor, you can learn more about the submission process here: https://momentum.columbusstate.edu/submission.php. Additionally, Momentum is also seeking new members for the editorial board, which is advantageous for anyone looking for a resume boost, extra involvement in research, or editing experience. And yeah, as a current member of the board, I’m a bit biased here, but I can confirm for anyone that it is a source of the aforementioned things as well as a way to meet new people (I’ve met some really close friends through the year or so I’ve been with Momentum) and to gain leadership or teamwork experience. And also, it feels pretty nice to be able to say that you’re an official editorial board member (which you can totally brag about in your email signature). Just take a look at the website, and if you need more information to decide, feel free to email momentum@columbusstate.edu!

Hopefully, I’ve piqued someone’s interest in publishing with Momentum, but even if not, keep an ear out for anyone who’s looking to publish their hard-earned research. Gaining acceptance to a research journal isn’t easy (and keep in mind that Momentum, while less strict than other journals, is not lenient in this regard–you still need to put in effort for formatting your research article), but that certainly doesn’t mean that it’s impossible! And even if you’re not genuinely passionate about research or its potential applications, remember that investment in this area goes a long way with job opportunities, including for nursing. So, consider giving it a chance–and maybe become an editor while you’re at it!


As usual, enjoy the rest of your week.


Nursing students unite!