CSU Admissions announces expansion of in-state tuition


Jessica DeMarco-Jacobson

Photo of Schuster Student Success Center.

   On Wednesday, Apr. 27, the CSU Admissions announced on their social media pages that students from all states bordering Georgia may receive in-state tuition starting this upcoming Fall 2022 semester. These states include Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina, and North Carolina.


   The announcement has been met with overwhelmingly positive reactions from people on social media.


   This decision may be an attempt to resolve USG’s overall decrease in undergraduate enrollment rates. In Nov. 2021, USG reported a 2.1%  decrease in undergraduates while four-year public institutions compared to the national decrease of 2.3%. Within the same month USG made their report, CSU saw enrollment rates fall for the first time since 2013, by 3.7%.


      CSU has made no further comment about the expansion of in-state tuition. Follow CSU Admissions’ social media pages for future updates.