An update on the Schwob Library renovations

The Schwob library renovations began Spring 2019, and have been in steady progress since then. What has been completed so far?


Students utilize the computers in the newly renovated library. Photos by Jessica DeMarco-Jacobson and Madi Steele.

   The Schwob Library renovations began in May 2019, just as the Spring semester came to a close. Although most of the construction was completed during the summer, the renovations continued throughout the year.

   The construction crew has already renovated most of the first floor, now adorned with new furniture. Students can also find more seating in the new, windowed front wall that was completed recently, where the front computers used to be located.

The front of the library features new windows and seating. Photos by Jessica DeMarco-Jacobson and Madi Steele.

   “I like how it feels very open and modern, and how there’s more space for groups to get together for projects,” said Katherine Lovern, junior year English major.

   The first floor also offers a new quiet study room, where students can work on projects and homework away from the noise of Einstein’s and student hangouts. Students can find more outlets located on the floor for charging their devices.

The new study area is available for students to study in quiet. Photos by Jessica DeMarco-Jacobson and Madi Steele.

   Despite the addition of the new quiet study room, Lovern stated that “there still aren’t enough quiet spaces for students to study on their own.”

   “I wish there was a second computer lab area, perhaps a smaller, quieter one,” commented Lovern. “I like my quiet spaces.”

   The second and third floor are still under progress, but the Advisor offices and Tutoring Center are on their way, with the office spaces already made. 

   The third floor holds all of the books, but students may notice that there are now less books than there were before due to a process called weeding. According to the library renovations website, the staff removed outdated and disrepaired books.

   Renovations are expected to continue, as part of the first floor has yet to be finished, and progress is still being made on the second and third floors.

The Schwob library renovations began in May 2019. Photos by Jessica DeMarco-Jacobson and Madi Steele.