Art & Soul- Revisited

A Recap of ResLife’s Black History Month Event


This February, ResLife created an event for residents on campus centered around the celebration of Black History Month and showcasing Black Excellence here at CSU. The organizing RA’s included Imelda Bacon, Alliyah Harper, Jeniyah Burton, and Kayla Dozier. The event was held from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM on Saturday, February 25.


The event had several stations where residents could engage with Black history and make a plate of home-cooked soul food, all while looking at art created by several advocates of Black excellence at CSU.


“I wanted it to give off more of a ‘family reunion’ vibe, and I remember one of my favorite times when I experienced true joy was at my own family reunion in 2016. There was food, music, and games, and just fellowship. I wanted to portray that,” Bacon stated when asked about the setup of the event.


“The idea was a congregation of people coming together— eating good soul food, playing games with friends, and viewing art from students in the community of not only the art department but the small community of black people downtown, especially in the art department,” Harper added.


“Even though it was open to every race, we wanted to hone in on the idea and fact that culturally, this is how black people come together to have fun amongst family and friends,” she continued.


After looking at the art from proprietors of Black excellence here at CSU, residents had the opportunity to play games, including table games, card games, and even hula hoops and cornhole. Each game was designed to build community among residents as they celebrated Black History Month.


In addition to art, games, and signs educating about Black excellence, this event also had a large selection of home-cooked soul food for residents to enjoy. The food included fried chicken, baked macaroni and cheese, collard greens, cornbread, and juice for each person.


“It was also informative, being that we decided to do it during black history month, as we had informative pieces of history posted on the walls to give insight into the empowerment that our culture has endured, so we wanted to also shed light on that,” Harper stated when further asked about the information displayed at the event.


Bacon, Harper, and Dozier each passed along the sentiment that this event was a success and should be held again in the future.