Campus Chick-fil-A Reopens

Chick-fil-A Express now offering larger menu, more services


Cole Trahan, Managing Editor

Photos by Bo Lewis

Sept. 10 marked the reopening of CSU’s Chick-fil-A on its main campus. Whereas CSU previously had a Chick-fil-A Express, which had more limited options than a standard Chick-fil-A, its replacement is more similar to a standard Chick-fil-A. Taylor King, CSU’s Marketing Supervisor for Aramark, says that the restaurant already had high demand from students before it was updated. “This is just a refresh that we’ve done,” he said. “From what I understand, the Chick-fil-A kind of has a mandate where they refresh all of their accounts every five years or so. So, we along with them kind of partnered together to, like, make this space a lot better than it was before.” King described the new restaurant as looking cleaner and more modern, explaining, “It literally brightened up the space, cause it’s using all that white tile.”

The new Chick-fil-A doesn’t offer a breakfast menu, but King stated, “Breakfast is something that we absolutely want to do for the future. It’s really a matter of Chick-fil-A allowing us to on their corporate side.” The new Chick-fil-A does, however, have an Icedream machine, which allows it to sell Icedream, milkshakes, and frosted lemonade. It will also offer Cool Wraps. King added, “And then, I think the salads that we have are new.”


The ordering sequence of the new Chick-fil-A is the reverse of what it was for the Chick-fil-A Express. King explained, “instead of grabbing your stuff and walking over to the register, you’re ordering your food at the register. There’s a pickup counter.”


When asked if the Chick-fil-A was doing anything special for its opening day, King responded, “We’re giving away some stuff for people who want to interact with us on social media, cause we’re looking to engage with more students.”


To see when the new Chick-fil-A is open, students can visit to see its hours of operation.