Excelsior College Exams: Yet Another Option

You’ve heard of CLEP exams. Now, here’s another way of testing out of classes.


  Managing Editor Cole Trahan recently wrote this article about CLEP tests; if you are looking for a way to lessen the expenses of your college journey, they may be a good option for you. CSU also accepts credits if you take Excelsior College (UExcel) exams, which are a very similar option to CLEP exams.

  The UExcel exams cost $110 each, more than the $85 CLEP tests. However, when you pay for UExcel exams, you are given “free guides to let you know what your tests will cover,” in the words of Excelsior College. According to them, these guides also provide lists of “recommended textbooks and learning resources” in case you are interested in more preparation.

  There’s also a value package option; for $145, you receive a practice exam, an official exam, and an offered retake if needed.

  When you schedule your exam, you’ll be charged a test administration fee. Two-hour exams each cost $52.53, and three-hour exams each cost $62.83.

  Before registering for a UExcel exam, you must first create a MyExcelsior account on this website. There is an exam payment plan if you need assistance in covering the costs of the examination. Then, you can prepare for the exam by utilizing the provided guides and/or the suggested textbooks. After the exam is scheduled at the closest Pearson VUE Testing Center, you’ll have to take an online tutorial. Finally, you can take the exam.

  For a detailed checklist and for any other information on the exams, read the UExcel Exam Registration and Information Guide. This guide provides you with a list of all examinations, their descriptions, and how many credits each exam will cover if you pass.

  In most cases, a UExcel exam is less costly than actually taking a course, and it can help students afford more classes with less debt.