What’s to Come for Fontaine Housing

Considering the Future of This Riverpark Housing Selection.

   In recent years, students who wish to live on the Riverpark campus have had the option to do so in a variety of housing buildings. Six housing options have been available to residents, including Broadway Crossing and Columbus Hall for underclassmen, Rankin, Oglethorpe, One Arsenal Place for upperclassmen, and Fontaine Hall for those wishing to live in a more private space. 


     However, this coming year, Fontaine Hall will no longer be available as an option for student housing, causing the loss of 18 bed spaces. The students within this dorm building have been offered early registration as well as priority for fall housing selection as a result of their current housing no longer existing for the fall semester.

Braxton Lee

     To learn more about the reason behind the loss of Fontaine, The Uproar sat down with Scott Lundgren, Director of Residence Life at CSU. 


   When asked why Fontaine was no longer going to be an option for housing, Director of Residence Life Scott Lundgren stated,  “Fontaine is not actually owned by the university, but instead is owned and managed by a third party corporation here in Columbus called Corvias. CSU has decided not to re-sign the lease with Corvias for this coming year.”


     After more discussion, Director Lundgren explained that since Fontaine is not truly owned by the university, there are limitations on how CSU can interact with Fontaine. For example, Director Lundgren mentioned that maintenance issues in this building could not be resolved by CSU maintenance, but would have to be done by Corvias employees. He observed that this could be an obstacle when dealing with time-sensitive maintenance issues.


     Another issue is the Wi-Fi connection: residents are required to supply a router to connect to the Internet in the building. Residents can acquire a router through the school, which is necessary to access schoolwork in this residence building.


     When asked how losing Fontaine would benefit CSU, Director Lundgren directed attention to the five remaining housing buildings on campus, stating that there are plans to upgrade and enhance these CSU-owned buildings. He hopes that students will embrace the change and asserts that it signifies a new beginning for Residence Life and students alike.