Guide to Your First Semester!

    Starting your first semester at CSU can be intimidating, but there are a lot of tips and tricks that can help along the way. The first tip is time management.


   Time management is the process of figuring out how to effectively organize and plan your available time to figure out how to accomplish all of your tasks productively. For example, if you have homework due tomorrow, you will need to figure out how much time you need for that so that you have time for other assignments or even including time to study. Time management can be very important when it comes to taking multiple classes.


   CSU offers a lot of services for students. For example, CSU provides a tutoring center on campus, as well as various locations for studying. This can be very useful when studying for an exam or when you need help with an assignment.


   Speaking of exams, exam season can be stressful. The combination of time management skills, studying, and services on campus can make exams easier. There are many study methods students should try out to find the one that works for them, as well as taking many breaks for efficient studying.


   However, the most important part about starting your first semester at CSU is that it’s meant to be fun. Outside of classes, there are many clubs and activities that students can take part in. Clubs and activities are advertised in Cougar Connection, but posters giving information on events can be found in many areas on campus, such as Howard Hall. 


   Kan Seamount, a junior at CSU, recounted their activities over the years: volunteering at Winterfest, joining a Creative Writing club, among other things. “It felt like an experience,” they said, explaining that they felt joining these clubs and activities improved their time on campus.


Madison Daniels

   It’s also important to mention that students should still try to balance extracurriculars with their academic load. Extracurriculars are a fun way to get involved on campus, but they can be time-consuming as well. 


   Thomas Polk, a senior at CSU, explained that his experience was different. In his freshman year, he did not join any extracurriculars because he was focusing on classes. Then, things fell through when he tried in the next few years due to COVID-19 and scheduling conflicts. 


   Polk recommends that students should “see the extra stuff as a bonus and focus on classes.” 


   Overall, starting your first semester at CSU can be difficult, but the students and faculty at CSU are here to support you at all times. The most important thing, however, is learning how to find a balance between school and other parts of a student’s life.