Men Will Fall in Love!

Practical fashions that will turn heads


Photos by Lyndsey Gardner

Hot or Cold?

As the summer slams its door shut and the cold air licks at our faces, sneaking its way up into our clothes, you might be thinking “Well, what can I wear in this type of weather?” We know Georgia can play games with us, especially since the temperatures in the classrooms (Howard Hall) always feel below 70 degrees. Have no fear, because here are some tips on what you can wear to stay warm and comfortable without breaking a sweat by walking on campus.


Shades of Fall

First off, you can never go wrong with a pair of jeans, whether they are a dark or light wash, ripped, or distressed. Any fall color will match perfectly, fall colors being yellows, purples, oranges, greens, and any types of neutral colors. Over your shirt, you can throw on a flannel button-down.

Too hot as the day goes on? Don’t worry. Take that flannel and tie it around your waist, and you’re still looking stylish. Roll up those sleeves to give your look a more relaxed impression. This is only one of many ways to dress up a plain t-shirt that’s hanging in your closet. For shoes, you can wear any type of sneaker or dress shoe to put a more statement piece in your outfit.

Let’s Get Creative

On a date or going to the movies, and you need something more classy, posh, and elegant to wear? Black is always the way to go. Black will give your get-up that chic look you’ve been dying to try out but were always nervous too. You’ll be amazed by how clean and refined you’ll look. Go out and grab a nice pair of black jeans and a black shirt. That’s all it takes. Wear any type of boot or sneaker to make them pop. In the end, if you want to add a bit of color, you can wear any color bomber, varsity, or jean jacket. You won’t regret it.

Finally, you can never go wrong with some accessories to touch up your outfit. Bracelets, watches, messenger bags, or scarves will always be your best friends. Accessories create a solid outfit. Putting those accessories together will define your wardrobe.


Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Those flannels and lightweight garbs won’t last much longer as the year comes to a close and the frostbiting cold takes over. Go out and get yourself a bubble vest-jacket. Almost every store will carry them in any color that you can fancy. Wear your bubble vest over a button-down or a solid, long-sleeve shirt and roll up the sleeves. Stick to neutral colors. It’s fall after all, but then again, be you. That way, your outfit is adjustable to your liking. Add on some boots and roll up your jeans (or pants), and you’re ready to go.

“What boots” is the question, yes? Sure, everyone has heard of Chelsea boots. Who hasn’t? If you haven’t, you might want to grab a pair because these aren’t only a tasteful and trendy piece but are very comfortable on the feet. If you follow social media, you might have heard Chelsea boots are either just for women or a piece of an outfit to say men can dress. Nonsense. Men CAN wear Chelsea boots. The last part of that is true, though. This boot is dressy and will make you stand out. That’s the beauty of it. Don’t listen to those trolls on social media. Be you. Winter is coming, and you’ll want to grab these garments for your closet.