Miracle Riders

Sharing the non-profit’s Miracle Riders funding goal to help CSU’s nursing program.


Image retrieved from the Miracle Riders website.

   Miracle Riders is a non-profit organization originating from Columbus that takes a yearly motorcycle ride across the country as a fundraiser. The riders fund their trips by themselves and fundraise money through corporate sponsorships and by meeting people on the road who want to support the cause. 

   Throughout the years, the organization has helped fundraise over $2.2 million to support the children in the community. An example of their fundraising in the past is an ambulance being purchased.

   The direct goal, according to the Miracle Riders website, is to “make a difference in one child’s life.” They do this by supporting other programs or charities as well as being positive role models. This year’s ride, starting in May and ending in June, will be to support Columbus State University’s nursing program.

   The multi-year goal is to fundraise $1,000,000 for CSU’s nursing program to improve their simulation lab, including state-of-the-art technology and pediatric and mother-and-baby simulation mannequins. Improving the simulation lab helps nursing students while also ensuring they can provide better care for newborns. Not only does this support education but also excellent pediatric care.

   Throughout the ride, information will be shared on the Miracle Riders Facebook page. This will include updates as the Riders share photos and potentially videos during the trip. They are also currently sharing information before the ride occurs. 

   Students from CSU’s Communications Department are working with the organization to run a fundraising campaign to help with the fundraising goal. Information and posts about that are on the Miracle Rider’s Facebook as well, and each post also contains a link to donate through.

 The goal of the student-driven campaign is to raise $1,000 to help reach the $1,000,000 goal and raise awareness of Miracle Riders and their mission. 

   Donations can also be made through their website. Donations go directly to the fund and are greatly appreciated.