Nonprofits in Columbus

Organizations around town in need of volunteers

    Volunteering is a great way to tangibly help those around you, bettering yourself and your community. By working with nonprofit organizations, college students gain experience and perspective that can further their educational and career goals. Columbus has a plethora of organizations to choose from across various disciplines; here are a few to consider for your next volunteer gig.

    Anyone who’s left family pets behind for dorm life knows that it can be hard to adjust to a lack of time spent with furry friends. A great way to fill that gap may be to volunteer for an animal shelter. At Paws Humane Society, potential volunteers can help with dog playgroups, community outreach, or even “check out” a dog for a walk. 

    Horse lovers who don’t mind a drive up Manchester Expressway can volunteer at Begin Again Farms, an equine shelter in Ellerslie, Georgia. Feline fanatics might prefer to volunteer at the Humane Society of Harris County in Hamilton, Georgia, which holds cat socialization hours frequently.

    Columbus boasts a range of facilities for the arts, many of which offer volunteering opportunities. The historic Springer Opera House is supported by volunteers in all of its departments, from administration to backstage crews. 

     Similarly, volunteer ushers, greeters, and ticket takers are essential at RiverCenter productions. Enthusiasts of history or visual art can volunteer at the Columbus Museum as docents, gift shop employees, or informational greeters. The Chattahoochee Valley Library system also needs volunteers; the open positions are in the library bookstore and child care for parents engaged in classes.

     Getting through assignments and study sessions can entail working long hours at a desk with little movement or sunlight. Volunteering with organizations that do outdoor work can help balance time spent at the desk and provide the simple satisfaction of physical work. 

    Volunteers for Columbus Habitat for Humanity get to help with home construction, with no experience necessary. House of Heroes does more general tasks such as yard work, cleaning, or painting, for veterans in need. The Columbus Botanical Garden is a particularly scenic environment for volunteers to help maintain. Meanwhile, Trees Columbus volunteers spread greenery around the city. 

     For many, the best part of volunteering is connecting with and serving the community at large. Feeding the Valley is a food bank where volunteers can help pack food for distribution to those in need. Students wanting to make a difference can mentor a local child at the Family Center’s Big Brothers/Big Sisters program

    Valley Rescue Mission is a long-established organization providing shelter and food for the homeless in Columbus, which can always benefit from more volunteers. The Open Door Community House provides community support for disadvantaged children and works with homeless women and families through volunteer-supported programs.

     To find other volunteer agencies in the area, check out this list on the CSU website. No matter where you choose to volunteer, you can make a difference in your own life and the lives of others. Whether for scholarship requirements or just for fun, volunteering is a great way to spend spare time this semester.