Schwob Library undergoes renovations as CSU opens for the Fall


Einstein Bros. Bagels receives a total renovation. Photo courtesy of Jessica DeMarco-Jacobson

The library renovations began on the week of May 13, as the Spring 2019 Semester came to a close. Movers came to the library to shift furniture so that the construction project could ensue within the following weeks. The contractors erected a temporary barrier around the library, which marked the beginning of the project. 


The next week, reference books and the front computer lab shifted to the back lab. The CSU LibRen website noted that the construction work would become its noisiest from May 27 onward, as major construction began. 


“They did it during the summer because they didn’t want to disturb the students,” said Emily Crews, Outreach Librarian. 


Crews noted that one of the major goals of the renovations was making the building more ADA compliant, because the library was built in 1974. Other goals included making the library less noisy, but more open-spaced.


“But I’m most excited about how open it is. There’s going to be a lot more seating, and a family bathroom for everyone,” stated Crews. She added that students will probably be most excited about the number of electrical outlets being added, for charging laptops and phones.


The new, windowed front wall is perhaps one of the most noticeable changes, but the Advisor offices and Tutoring Center were also moved to the Schwob, on its second floor. The Microfilm room was transformed into a new UITS Help Desk. Einstein’s has been moved and completely renovated, and the Reference and Circulation desks have been combined into just one desk. The archives have moved to the basement, and all of the books in the library have been moved to the third floor. 

Furniture and technology were moved to the back lab to allow for construction. Photo courtesy of Jessica DeMarco-Jacobson
The library receives a paint job. Photo courtesy of Jessica DeMarco-Jacobson

“The most difficult thing has been coordination, and the noise. It’s been very busy… But we’re getting soundclouds that will dampen the noise, and then we are getting a quiet study area later on,” stated Crews. 


Another librarian agreed, and added: “Trying to move the sections… It’s kind of like a puzzle. We’ve had times when the elevator was out, which made it difficult for patrons to get to the third floor. A few times, we’ve had computer outages, but they didn’t last long. Getting in and out of the library is kind of a challenge, too.”


Crews said that the first floor of the library will be mostly completed when the Fall Semester begins, but the rest of the renovations won’t be finished until the early Spring 2020 Semester. Students will have access to all of their major resources during the transition.


Floor plans courtesy of CSU Libraries.