Your License Plate is your Parking Permit Now

Hang tags are now a thing of the past


Illustration by Madi Steele

Parking Services changed the policy concerning parking permits over the summer. They removed the need for hang-tags and instead switched to digital readings of license plates for permit verification. 


This technology, called license plate recognition, is used to scan license plates on parked vehicles and allows students and faculty to have digital permits. This conveniently eliminates the trip to Parking Services to purchase a physical permit. 


Students can have up to three cars per permit, but previously ran the risk of earning a parking citation if they left their hang-tag in a different vehicle. Digital permits remove that risk, and students can even add a temporary replacement vehicle in the event that they have a last minute change due to repairs on their primary vehicle.


Another benefit for switching to LPR is that digital permits are more sustainable and eliminate the use of plastic tags. Parking Services is asking all students in possession of a plastic parking tags to recycle them. 


Although permits are now digital, tickets are still issued by paper, so keep a lookout for those if parked incorrectly. To learn more about parking policies, visit the Parking Services page at This page offers the most current policies concerning parking and also more information on the No Pull Thru-No Back In policy. 


This policy refers to how a driver parks inside a parking space. Parking Services no longer wants students to pull through or back into parking spaces because of the new LPR software. This software works best when the license plate of the vehicle is facing the road, not the inside of the parking space. 


Parking permits are $45 for students and $90 for faculty if they wish to park their vehicles on campus. Permits came into effect on Aug. 1 and will remain active until Jul. 31, 2020. If you have not purchased a parking permit yet, visit the Parking Services page and pay for your— now—  digital permit online!