April Fool’s Prank Suggestions

April Fool’s pranks to pull on your friends next year!

   April Fool’s Day has just passed, and so has the opportunity to pull fun but harmless pranks on your friends. It is best to play pranks that are innocent, cute, funny, and confusing without taking the prank too far at the risk of hurting people. In this article, we share some relatively harmless April Fools ideas for next year so that you can pull the best April Fools jokes on your friends! 

The Art of Confusion:

   The first idea is to change the names on the person’s Netflix profiles, assuming you have access to their Netflix account. The profile icons can be changed as well to either match the new name or to just create some confusion. Be warned, though: They may try to change your profile name and icon too!

   The second idea is to make them a Spotify playlist but make it so the songs do not match the playlist title or theme. People tend to like the gesture of making a playlist, but this allows pranksters to create light and humorous confusion. Put depressing songs on an upbeat mood playlist or different genres on a Country songs playlist. 

   Next, play a game with your prank target but change the rules as you go, convincing them that those have always been the rules. For example, this would be easy to do with the game Uno, as many people play with different rules anyway. Convince them that you cannot stack +2s or +4s, and they were never able to, and they will be bound to be frustrated!

   The next prank idea relies on having access to their phone, but this is a doozy! The idea is to change their ringtones to funny songs. The benefit here is that it may take them a while to notice you changed them, and it may even lead to funny situations. To see results, you may want to call their phone so that they hear the ringtone change.

   Finally, the last prank idea is to pretend it is a different holiday to confuse them. On April Fool’s, ask them why they are not wearing green. Or, meet them in full costume and ask them why they are not dressing up for Halloween. 

   Just remember, the point of the holiday is to have fun, and it’s only fun if both people can laugh about it. Good luck with next year’s pranks!