Uproar Radio Begins Airing its First Episode of the Semester

Introducing The Uproar Radio’s Fall 2021 season and its new host, Bryant Lydell Griggs Jr.


Bryant Lydell Griggs Jr. in the studio recording for Uproar radio.

    Uproar Radio premiered its first episode of the semester on WCUG Radio 88.5FM on Sept. 16 and has since aired a second episode on Sept. 23. Uproar Radio is hosted by Bryant Lydell Griggs Jr., a senior mass communications student at CSU. The show will air most weeks on CSU radio on Thursdays at 3 p.m., then be released on other platforms at the same time on Fridays. Each episode will have a special guest that Griggs Jr. will interview about various controversial topics.


   After taking the mantle from previous radio show host, Ashley Peterson, Griggs Jr. has developed his ideas for this semester, creating episodes that discuss interesting and complex topics that originated as simple concepts in Grigg Jr.’s mind.  


   “I just wanted people to start thinking about the things that are just not very much along the lines of contemporary, accepted points of view,” he said. “It was easy for me to think about these things because …I think about [them] all the time. Things that are very blatant to me, but a lot of people just don’t pay attention to.”


   Griggs Jr. also says that the process of interviewing guests and recording episodes is going smoothly. But he cites the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic as the only real obstacle he is facing during this process. 


   “[I’m] trying to see what my interviewees would be comfortable with, whether they would be okay with meeting in-person or virtual, things of that sort,” said Griggs Jr. 


   Overall, Griggs Jr. sees Uproar Radio as an incredibly rewarding experience for himself. He said, “the most rewarding part is seeing all of the hard work that we’ve done being manifested, honestly. This is something I’m constantly thinking about and something that I’m constantly manifesting into reality. The reward is just planting the seeds of curiosity that grow into whatever the interpreter wills.”


    When asked about his intentions and goals for the broadcast, Griggs Jr. commented, “Mainly I believe that people should listen because I seek only to add value. That’s what I believe it’s all about; adding value to the student body, to the school, adding value to the individual listeners as well as the community.” 


   He continued, “that’s why the students should listen, so that they may leave with more than they had before and more to give later on. That’s what it’s all about—giving love and receiving love.”


   Despite only becoming the new radio host this current semester, Griggs Jr. feels that Uproar Radio has a bright future ahead, and believes it will have an impact on the campus community. 


   “This is unprecedented,” Griggs Jr. said. “I have a vision and seeing that vision come to fruition is the main thing that I’m looking forward to, and the effects that it may have on the world around me. I can’t predict, and I know that there will be a much mixed reaction, but I’m just appreciative of the fact that we’ve been able to add any ingredients to the pot let alone stir it.”


   To keep up with new episodes and other exciting announcements from Uproar Radio, follow The Uproar on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter at @uproarcsu, as well as Griggs, who can be found on LinkedIn under the name Bryant Griggs Jr.