Written by Scott Berson


17-year old Annie Holland died Sunday night in her home of unknown causes after complaining of abdominal pain. No foul play is suspected, and her body has been sent to Atlanta for an autopsy.

Annie was a senior at Columbus High School who was completing her senior project at 88.5 WCUG, Columbus State University’s student-run radio station.

“Over the past six months Annie was a consistent presence at the WCUG studio. She not only fulfilled every obligation of her senior project early (and perfectly), she went above and beyond, learning every aspect of how the station operates,” said faculty advisor Dr. Scott Sellnow-Richmond in a statement from the radio station.

Annie worked WCUG’s table at Winterfest and was a co-host of the “The Graveyard Shift,” a late-night talk program.

“I’ve worked with a lot of students as well as professionals in the broadcasting trade,” said Dr. Sellnow-Richmond. “Just a week ago at CHS Career Day I told the students (with sincerity) that there are no naturals in broadcasting; being good at this is a skill that has to be developed. I knew deep down that wasn’t entirely true. I will never forget the first time Annie got behind the microphone and hosted a show, somehow sounding like she’d been doing it all her life. I can honestly say that Annie Holland was a natural.

“Annie was everyone’s friend, it seemed. I know she was mine. I certainly would like to think I was hers as well. We are all just beginning this healing process, and we all miss Annie terribly.”

 We will update this story if more details become available.