February 2022 Letter from the Editor

Hello all,

   Welcome back to campus and our first issue of the Spring 2022 semester. As is the tradition of The Uproar, we have decided to focus primarily on uplifting Black-owned businesses and Black history in and around the Columbus area to celebrate this year’s Black History Month. We also cover one of several CSU’s events celebrating Black History Month among students, faculty, and staff.


   Our staff has also included tips and tricks for the influx of new students we have noticed on campus this semester. Your first semester in-person may be difficult to navigate. So, we have included articles that act as a guide to your first semester, as well as possible places to go if you are looking for the perfect study spot. 


   As we all adjust to our new class and begin thinking about upcoming midterms, I encourage all students, faculty, and staff members to remain safe and healthy. And finally, as always, if you have any suggestions for topics or events to cover in Columbus or on campus, please contact us.


Have fun reading!