A Look At Our Disability Parking

Parking is an important issue with a commuter campus like CSU. Are the parking needs of all students being met?


Photo courtesy of Skylar Diehl

   Parking on campus is one of the biggest gripes I have heard from commuters. From the prices of parking passes, the limited amount of parking spots, and the distance to the buildings, these are the topics we hear about fairly often. A topic far less discussed is the disability parking on campus. Columbus State is a diverse campus and it includes able-bodied as well as non-abled bodied students.  The Saber spoke with Parking Services to gain more information on how disability parking is addressed.

   Columbus State offers 85 handicap parking spots on Main Campus and 18 handicap spots on the Riverpark campus. According to Parking Services, CSU has two times the number of handicap spaces on Main Campus and 1.4 times the handicap spaces in accordance with Georgia’s Accessibility Code. Since CSU has over the required amount of handicap spaces, Parking Services has decided not to implement more handicapped spaces.   

   With that being said, situations may arise where the allotted handicap parking spots in a certain area may be filled. The Parking code states, “Persons with accessibility needs are allowed to park in student or faculty/staff spaces if the designated accessible spaces are filled … Registration with Parking Services and a valid CSU parking permit are both still required to use designated accessible spaces on CSU’s campuses.” 

   CSU has a pretty wide campus that isn’t always friendly to those with mobility issues. Hills, stairs, and slopes make assisted traveling difficult. 85 spots spread out over Main Campus isn’t as many as you think. Meredith Cohen, a  junior Theater and Spanish major, has experienced the inconvenience first- hand. 

   “… There aren’t many handicap parking spaces on campus,” Cohen states, “There are eight near the health clinic, one near Illges, and a few in front of Schuster. In addition, there are some near the elevators in the main parking garage, but these spaces still require people to walk far distances to reach many of the buildings on campus.” 

   Some students like Mitch Turner, a senior, have the ability to use handicap parking, but choose against it. “ “I’m not gonna lie, I actually don’t use handicap parking,” Turner says, “ I feel like there are people that actually need it, and I feel like if I used it I’d be denying them that.”

   Not much can be done about the landscape of campus, but there should be consideration of  the mobility of all students. Putting yourself in another person’s position can spread a little empathy and make you think, “Is this really accessible to all?”   

   Anyone that would like to contact Parking Services with further questions can do so at (706)507-8203 or via email at parking@columbusstate.edu.