Finals Prep

Tips and tricks to begin preparing for finals week.

    Finals week is approaching, and students should begin preparing to study and for their exams. There are a couple of ways they can do this and make finals week a less stressful experience. 


   First, there are some general tips that students should use for taking final exams. Students should make sure they get a good night’s sleep the night before an exam. Additionally, they should eat a good breakfast, something nutritional but not too heavy. Studying is also extremely important when preparing for an exam.


   There are multiple ways to study, including flashcards, rewriting notes, reciting vocabulary aloud, and other methods. It is up to students to determine which method works best to ensure they get the best grades possible. 


   Students should make sure they study reasonably. For example, students should not cram for tests by studying all of their notes the night before an exam. The best-prepared students study several days in advance. This will help students become more confident with the material, which can help alleviate test anxiety.


   Test anxiety can be difficult to deal with. However, there are a couple of ways to tackle it. One way is to be prepared for the type of exam, for example, a multiple-choice test or a long answer exam. Professors normally give study guides that follow a similar format to their exams, so if a student were to become familiar with the study guide, it could prevent them from experiencing stress and anxiety. 


   Another general studying tip is that students should not study in their bedrooms. In recent years, it has become known that doing work in a home environment does not always work out, and there may be a lot of distractions at home. Some distractions can include siblings, animals, and maybe electronics being used, such as the television. Studying on campus is a great option to put students in a more suited environment.


   CSU’s campus has many good choices for study locations. One great location is the library, which has additional materials provided, if needed, like computers. Additionally, the library has secluded rooms to limit distractions. These rooms often include a whiteboard as well for those who study by writing out their thoughts.  


   Another resource CSU provides is the tutoring center. Many subjects are offered at the tutoring center, so if possible, going there to study for exams could be very beneficial. Some people often learn quicker with study partners, so this can be an easy solution for that as well. 


   Finals week can be very stressful, but the most important thing for students to know is that they are not alone. CSU, including the staff, faculty, and other students, can help make finals week a less stressful experience.