Ten Tips for the Break

Written by Hayley Maine, Illustration by Ashley Peterson


Helpful safety tips for Spring Break 2018


Spring Break is fast approaching –it starts Friday, March 17 in case you forgot to mark your calendars– so here are some pro-tips that might help keep you safe if you decide to travel.

1.  Never leave your drink unattended, or be sure to make your own. If you’re out at a bar, have it poured in front of you.

2.  Wear sunscreen. Your skin will thank you.

3.  Hydrate. Water is a necessity in any situation, but especially when exposed to the sun for hours at a time.

4.  Take an emergency first-aid pack; fill it with things like band aids, aspirin, condoms, hair-ties, Chapstick, miniature sunscreen bottles, and alcohol pads.

5.  Use the buddy system. Not only will you have make memories with your friends, but you’ll all be safer in a group.

6.  Keep written copies of important numbers and addresses. This can include friends’ numbers, taxi companies in the area, and your hotel address.

7.  Drink safely. If you’re in a group, take turns on who will be sober that night to look out for everyone.

8.  Carry a small protection device like pepper spray or a personal alarm.

9.  Stay alert. If you use Uber or Lyft, double check that the license plate on the car and the photo matches the ones provided by your driver’s profile.

10.   Have fun, make memories, and stay safe.