Introduction to the blog

I first took an interest in blogging when I watched Dog with a Blog (nostalgia much?) in my pre-teen years. Though I didn’t care very much for the show itself, I did admire how Stan, the family dog, shared his daily conflicts and lessons with others–and of course, through the enjoyable medium that is writing. However, for me, it wasn’t until college that the idea seemed achievable.

After I had done enough research and had enough exposure to decide on nursing as my future career, I reflected on just how confusing and frustrating the process can be, with endless questions like, “Is this really for me? Can I actually do this?” I know that feeling, and I realized through my searches online that I wasn’t the only one who faced doubt and indecision. The truth is that everyone faces some level of inner struggle with their career choice–I mean, it is something that will play a role in your measure of satisfaction and overall well being later on. And guess what? That’s okay. You’re not meant to know immediately and with full clarity; no, all of that comes with time…and guidance.

Role models and mentors are invaluable to each of us–there’s no uncertainty about that–and nursing is not exempt from this. As someone considering the field of nursing, the path laid for you can appear daunting and will likely prompt the inner questions mentioned before. Trust me: I’ve been there, and even now, I still have occasional doubts. But at the end of the day, I know that I want to pursue nursing because I can imagine myself in the role: I can see myself in the scrubs, taking vitals and charting, discussing patients’ conditions with physicians, respiratory therapists, and other members of my team, and comforting both patients and their families–treating them delicately and compassionately–when they need it the most.

Can you picture yourself as a nurse? Your images may not be detailed, and maybe you struggle with generating even a vague one, but don’t distress. The chances are that if you are still attached to the idea of nursing but express some doubts, you need one of two things (or maybe even both): knowledge and experience. While I cannot directly give you the latter, I can suggest ways through which you can obtain it, and I can share my own stories of it. But on top of that, I can hopefully answer some questions that have been bothering you.

And if you’re simply here because you’re hoping to find relatable content as a fellow pre-nursing or nursing student, then look no further (unless my style doesn’t suit you–there are many other nursing student blogs out there)! While our lives may not be mirror images, there will be at least a handful of experiences that you will find familiar, and in this way, I wish to communicate to you that you are not alone in these dark–or crystal clear, depending on the experience–waters.

And yes, this is a rather lengthy intro. (My apologies!) But if you’ve made it to the end of this, then I sincerely hope that we can share this grueling yet vastly rewarding journey together.


Nursing students unite!