Cougar Kick-off: Pancakes with the President

by Toni Stauffer, photo credit: Toni Stauffer

This Cougar Kickoff event, held on Tuesday, Jan. 30 from 10:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. was hosted by Student Life, the Student Alumni Association, and the Presidential Envoys group.

“This is an effort to get a traditional presidential event during Cougar Kickoff,” Cedricia Thomas, Student Leadership and Special Events said. “In addition to President Markwood, we’ve also invited his Executive Leadership team.”

Thomas said that many of the students who volunteered for the event are members of the Student Alumni Association and the Presidential Envoys group. Nina Rollins, Exercise Science sophomore, volunteered her time for the event.

“I get the satisfaction of meeting people, working with others inside my organization, and I enjoy it,” Rollins said. “The joy on people’s faces is worth it, like when they get excited over the M&Ms.”

President Markwood wore a dark blue chef’s coat with Chef Markwood embroidered on the front and flipped pancakes on the griddle for students.

“This Cougar Kickoff is for welcoming students back for the spring semester,” Markwood said. “We’re trying to find different ways to engage students. The goal is to interact and make students feel as welcome as possible.

The Spring Cougar Kickoff runs from Jan. 22 until Feb 3. A list of the events can be found at