The Collegiate 100 Men of Columbus State


Robert Purchase II

Photo of Collegiate 100 members by Robert Purchase II.

   The Collegiate 100 is an organization of men from many different backgrounds. The Collegiate 100 chapter of Columbus State is under the 100 Black Men of America. Although most of the members are minority men, Collegiate 100 does not discriminate and is open to men of all ethnicities or walks of life. The Men of Collegiate 100 are dedicated to improving student life on and off campus; the organization is responsible for taking part in notable events and charity events such as CSU Cougarthon, Feeding the Valley, Midnight Basketball, Women’s Worth and many more. Collegiate 100 members are spread around campus and hold leadership positions on campus such as SGA President and; Vice President of Scholastic Affairs. This organization also has members of Alpha Phi Alpha, Kappa Alpha Psi, Omega Psi Phi, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternities and many more.


   The Four Pillars of the organization as listed on their CSU webpage are “‘education, mentorship, economic empowerment and health and wellness.’” Each of these pillars are broken down into committees, and each member in C100 is responsible for picking a committee and completing a related task. For example, members of the mentorship committee go to middle schools, Boys and Girls Clubs, and “Big Brother” programs, establishing connections and mentoring young men who may not have father figures in their lives or are not in the best positions.


   Collegiate 100 partners with smaller organizations such as the Men about Change Initiative which is an organization that helps increase retention and graduation rates of African American males at CSU; there is also a sister organization called The Collegiate Women of CSU.