How to: DIY Halloween Costumes

Three Stranger Things Inspired Costumes to Try at Home

          Over the past few years, there has been a move away from traditionally store-bought costumes and a shift toward costumes that can be made at home. Known as DIY costumes, these outfits made at home can be inexpensive and made quickly using items that can be found in your home or bought at a thrift store. 


    A fun and easy costume that encompasses the spooky and paranormal aspects of the Halloween season are characters from horror films and tv shows. In light of the popular tv show “Stranger Things” concluding its fourth season, dressing as the character Eddie Munson has been a trending costume idea. 


     While getting the actual custom pieces may be difficult, this guide will detail ways to translate the pieces of the character’s outfit to include at-home clothing options. 


        The first pieces of the costume, and the hardest to replicate, are the shirt and pants. In the show, Eddie is often seen wearing black ripped jeans along with a white t-shirt that bears the words “Hellfire Club.” The character’s shirt may be expensive or difficult to find, therefore, DIYers can substitute it for a white graphic tee.


     As far as pants, one can substitute a pair of black jeans that can be ripped or un-ripped. It is recommended to roll up these black jeans of choice, as the character does so in Stranger Things.


     Eddie Munson is a high school-age character in the 1980s, so it is only fitting that he wears Converse in the show and the costume. Converse can be substituted for another pair of black sneakers or high tops.


     As one of the outcasts, Eddie’s character is often seen wearing eccentric clothing items, one of which is his decorated jean jacket. If one does not have a jean jacket, they can substitute a bomber jacket or other bulky overlay. Halloween goers can add pins to the jacket, just as Eddie does during the show, making the costume unique and visually interesting.


     Last but not least, Eddie is famous for his long, flowing hair. This part is optional because it is not cost-effective, but those especially dedicated to tv accuracy can purchase an inexpensive black wig from any party store or Walmart. This example includes a black wig with a bandana to hold the hair out of the wearer’s face. 


     There is the final outfit! Best of luck doing it yourself, and Happy Halloween!