Summers Are for Nerds

The next MomoCon starts on May 23, 2019


For many, the telltale signs of summer are long days spent by the pool with their friends, basking in the sun while eating grilled hotdogs and listening to their favorite music. For me, nothing feels like summer quite as much as watching a bodybuilder in little more than fishnet tights hand his keyblade to Naruto Uzumaki so that he can challenge a 6-year-old to a Dance Dance Revolution battle at 2 a.m., only to inexplicably lose. That’s summer because that’s Momocon.

Every May, more than 30,000 people walk through the doors of the Georgia International Convention Center in Atlanta to experience one of Georgia’s largest conventions. A home for nerds of every sort (including quite a few CSU students), Momocon hosts dozens of guests, ranging from animators and authors to famous cosplayers and voice actors.

One can hardly walk 20 feet in any direction without encountering something spectacular at Momocon. Even more impressive than the incredibly detailed and intricate cosplays or the vast selections of retro games and anime memorabilia for sale are the spontaneous interactions and friendships that spark up like fireflies across the convention floor. Strangers arriving on Thursday will leave as the closest of friends on Sunday. Impromptu dance battles in the courtyard arise 50 feet from a heated foam sword duel happening in the background of a music video shoot. You’re there to see it all.

Momocon is a truly magical experience whose true spirit can only be experienced in person. Be it your first time at a convention or another in a long list of cons, make sure to go to Momocon this coming May. I’m sure I’ll see you there.

Local cosplayer Morgan Mendez as a ghoulified vault dweller from Fallout.
T-posers were a common sight at Momocon 2018. Explanation is not needed.
Riss of A Smile and a Song Cosplay signing an autograph for a young con-goer.
A spontaneous collection of Starlords mourn for a Gamora that happened to be walking by.
The Momocon gaming hall. Dozens of card games, LAN parties, Japanese arcade games, VR demos, and indie game showcases fill the floor.
Chris Rager, the English voice actor for Mr. Satan from Dragonball Z.
Voice actor Josh Martin talking about his role as Majin Buu in Dragonball Z.
Friends in Dragonball Z and in real life, Chris Rager (left) and Josh Martin (right) share their interview time
A typical crowd of cosplayers and congoers coming up from the lower levels of Momocon where the Artist Alley and Dealers Rooms are located.