SGA President Seeks Feedback from Student Body in Campus-wide Survey

Written by Scottie DeClue


In a mass email addressed to the entire student body, Student Government Association President Logan Ragan requested on Monday, Nov. 6, that students participate in a campus-wide survey to improve the quality of representation. 

Logan announced earlier this year that beefing up student inclusion and participation was on his agenda

“We are conducting [this] survey [which] will help the SGA know how to better market itself, and to better represent you, the student,” Ragan said in his email Monday.

The survey, which has 21 questions, asks both yes-or-no questions like “Do you know what SGA does,” and also has three fill-in-the-blank prompts toward the end of the survey that allow the participant to share developed responses. 

It is not yet known how long the survey will be available, or how SGA intends to use the data once it is received.