Midterms: Voting into a Season of Change

An Explainer on The Midterm Election and Voting

      As we enter a new season, welcomed by newly colored leaves and crisp air, we find ourselves entering into a new season of politics, welcomed by politicians, campaigns, and new ideas.  


       Every two years, between primary election cycles, midterm elections take place. We find new ideas, policies, and even new faces trying to grab the attention of American voters. But what exactly is the Midterm election, and why is it important? 


        The Midterm Election elects new officials to the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. Senators are elected every six years, and only a third of their seats are up for election. House members are elected every two years, and all 435 seats are up for election.  


      Voting took place on Nov. 8, 2022, but the battle began long before election day. About a year prior to Midterms, potential candidates set out to campaign their agendas and introduce themselves to millions of Americans. 


     “Hi, I’m your friendly neighborhood politician, and I promise to represent you well,” they seem to say. 


       There are two Senators for every state, and the candidates for Georgia were Raphael Warnock, the Democratic representative, and Herschel Walker, the Republican representative. The House Seats are based on congressional districts, which are drawn based on population and equally represent the demographics of their location. Columbus has 9 congressional districts, resulting in 9 House seats. 

      Neither Raphael Warnock nor Herschel Walker received over 50% of the votes in the midterm election, so under Georgia law, a runoff election will be held. Early voting for the runoff election will begin on Nov. 28, 2022, and election day will be Dec. 6, 2022.


     The interesting part about the battle for Capitol Hill is that we get to take part in it. Voting allows us to assist our preferred candidates in securing their seats. This can be intense, so to alleviate some of the stress and anxiety that comes with this time, you can make voting fun. 


      Start by grabbing a group of friends and then head to the polls. While you wait to vote, take a few selfies and upload them to your social media to encourage everyone and emphasize the value of actively working to enact change. Afterward, you and your friends can celebrate casting your vote by getting your favorite food and enjoy feeling accomplished. 


     Casting your vote helps show politicians the issues that everyday citizens are most concerned with. Voting in midterm elections is a valuable way to help shape the political landscape of your area and the country as a whole.