Nightlife on Campus: Staying Safe


Vinh Huynh

The Campus Police department offers many resources to ensure the safety of students on and off-campus

   Going back to in-person classes at CSU has opened many doors for students, and students must ensure that they stay safe during the semester. Often, this concerns staying safe during the pandemic, but this also refers to staying safe when on CSU’s campus at night.


   One safety tip for students is to utilize the Buddy System. The Buddy System entails students walking around Columbus with a friend as there is more safety in numbers. If at all possible, a student should try to find a friend if they will be walking around at night.


   The Buddy System is commonly used by students. Rachel Eubank, a sophomore at CSU, expressed that she often uses this tip. “It’s better to have someone else there in case something were to happen,” Eubank said. She tends to walk with a friend whenever the situation arises. 


  Another student at CSU also had similar thoughts to Eubank. Breyana Slys, a junior at CSU, remarked, “I would recommend walking with a friend, and if not, have your phone on you.” 


   Phones can be used as a light source, a source for directions, or to call someone if necessary. If a student must walk alone, they should make sure to have their phone on them as a precautionary measure. 


   Another safety tip for students is to be aware of the area. Students should know where they are going, both on and off-campus, so they do not end up lost. Additionally, this can be useful when choosing which route to take when getting to the necessary building or back to where their car is parked. Knowing the area can also include being aware of the location of the police buildings.


   The CSU Police Department is a valuable source for students on campus, especially with ensuring their safety at night. There is a building on each campus, and there is also a safety app, LiveSafe, for students to easily contact the police if needed. Students should contact CSUPD to report anything suspicious and may also use their escort services on campus. 


   The University Police’s website offers additional safety tips for several situations a student may be in. For instance, they offer safety tips for what a student should do if they are being followed. They do not limit their tips to students only on CSU’s campus, so reading their website can be important even if students are commuters and live at home. 


   To contact CSU’s police department, call 706-507-8911. They can also be contacted through email or on the LiveSpace app.