Study Abroad 2022-2023

What studying aboard is like from the perspective of an Alumni

    The Study Abroad Program is an opportunity for students to visit other countries and earn course credits. For example, many students who want to study a foreign language, like Spanish, participate in a Study Abroad program where students live in a country that speaks that foreign language for a while to immerse themselves in the language and culture.


     Many students enjoy the traveling experience as well as the possibility of a different learning environment. Additionally, the study abroad programs can be flexible and made to fit into students’ schedules. Study Abroad programs are available for many different fields of study.


    One problem students may have, is the financial costs of studying abroad. Most programs will cost thousands of dollars. However, there are various options for students who cannot fully pay the amount themselves.


    Students can apply for grants and scholarships to help pay for the study abroad program costs. For further information about grants and scholarships, students should contact the professors involved within the program of study or the Center for Global Engagement in Schuster Hall on Main Campus. 


    Jessica DeMarco-Jacobson, a recent CSU graduate and former Uproar staff member, spoke of her experience with the Study Abroad program. She studied at Oxford for a year in one of the English programs and had. 


    Some of the benefits she noted from studying at Oxford were the independent learning style and the access to information that was available through Oxford. This included Oxford’s online search engine, SOLO


   “It seemed like they had access to all the articles in the world because I would research stuff and find completely different, more useful results using SOLO,” DeMarco-Jacobson said. 


   Other benefits included being able to attend any of the lectures available at Oxford, even ones regarding subjects students were not studying. Students participating in the program received a similar experience as a student from England who attended Oxford.


      Additionally, DeMarco-Jacobson spoke of some of the negatives she experienced at Oxford, which students should bear in mind before deciding to enroll in a Study Abroad program. She noted that Oxford’s student population is not very diverse and also found it hard to befriend UK students. 


    DeMarco-Jacobson’s advice for interested students was to find out what would be best for their program of study. Additionally, students should investigate scholarships. 


      “Talk to other people that studied there,” DeMarco-Jacobson advised. “I think it’s really important for people to get the full idea of what they’re getting into because overall, it was a very great experience, but it’s not for everyone.” 


      Overall, DeMarco-Jacobson enjoyed her time with the Study Abroad program. Not only does she believe she became a much better student, but the trip also helped her figure out more about her education and career plans. 


      To find out more information about the Study Abroad Programs at CSU, students may search the Center for Global Engagement program database.  Additionally, they can visit the Center for Global Engagement in-person to learn more.