CSU’s student run news source wins several awards from Georgia College Press Association

The Uproar, formerly known as The Saber, brought home several awards at the 2020-21 GCPA Awards Show, including first in Layout & Design Excellence and third in General Excellence.


The submissions for these awards were turned in prior to the publication changing its name from The Saber to The Uproar. Thus, awards are listed as being awarded to The Saber.


   Columbus State University’s student run news source received several awards from the 2020-21 Georgia College Press Association Awards Show. These include third place in Division A for General Photography Excellence, first place in Division A for Layout & Design Excellence, and third place in Division A for General Excellence. This is the first time this publication has placed in General Excellence for the GCPA Awards.


   Individual awards for staff include Vinh Huynh, first place in Group 1 for Best Photograph – Editorial/Feature and Jade Thornton, first place in Group 2 for the same category. Aaron George received first place in Group 2 for Best Entertainment Feature. In Group 2 for Best Entertainment Story, Paige Adams received second place and Macy Frazier received third place.


This publication also received awards for the ACP/CMA Awards in Fall 2020, including the prestigious Pacemaker Award.