New State Park to be Developed North of Columbus

Written by Maddie Fuerte


The Georgia Department of Natural Resources plans to open a new state park in the Columbus area. The land that will be known as Standing Boy Creek State Park is currently an undeveloped 1,580-acre area on Lake Oliver, but the DNR has extensive plans to bring in revenue.

The DNR held a public meeting on Feb 23 to discuss the prospects for this new development.

A majority of the land is a swamp, therefore, the most development that could take place is a nature trail consisting of bridges over the wettest areas. Standing Boy Creek will have hiking and biking trails, cabins and camping, picnic shelters, and other areas for special events.



The state park is also looking to use the existing land to develop adventure areas. There will be access to the Chattahoochee River for boating and fishing. The state also looks to create areas for disc golf, an archery range, concert amphitheaters, a dog park, and even an “alpine slide.”

There are safety concerns for the variety of recreation areas, but there will be staff situated in each area to direct guests and provide aid. As any state park requires, there will be staff housing on property for the rangers. There will be someone on property all hours of the day, any day of the week.

Columbus State University will be able to utilize this new addition to the state park system in a variety of ways. The location is ideal for the university to use because it is only twenty minutes away. There are woodland areas and swamp areas the science department can utilize for classes and labs.

The state park can also be used for academic involvement, club retreats, and community service hours. The park will need help maintaining the trails and will need a slew of jobs to be filled.

Standing Boy Creek State Park isn’t projected to be developed for another several years because the state still has to finalize budgeting options and a master plan.

Right now, the plans for camping areas, bike trails, and adventure areas are just ideas, but the Columbus area can expect the land by Lake Oliver to remain the private getaway it is now for the local residences. As the park is further developed, information will become available to the public on the GA State Parks website.