National Infantry and Soldier Center rededicates the Global War on Terrorism Memorial

The local museum will add the names of 46 recently-deceased soldiers from the war onto the Global War on Terrorism Memorial.


Photo by United States Department of Defense; public domain.

   On Saturday, Sept. 7, the National Infantry Museum, located near Fort Benning’s Maneuver Center of Excellence, will rededicate their Global War on Terrorism Memorial, adding 46 new names on the black granite panels of the memorial. 


   Eight panels already adorn the memorial, listing the names of servicemen who died after 9/11, from all branches of the military. After the ceremony is complete, there will be 6,990 names on the memorial.


   The memorial features two concrete columns representing the Twin Towers along with nine bronze figures symbolizing an infantry squadron and the role of each service in the Global War on Terrorism. New York City firefighters donated a 13-foot steel beam from the remains of the World Trade Center to the Infantry Museum, which sits on top of the two concrete columns.


   The joint-service memorial honors those who have served in the Global War and Terrorism, including those who are active-duty, veterans, or were killed in action. Each year, the memorial will be updated, and a rededication ceremony will follow on the first Saturday after Labor Day.