Your Cuffing Season Playlist

Written by Zoe Audifferen


Cuffing season is upon us my friends! All of a sudden long nights binge watching the Office alone aren’t that fun. A weird tingly feeling takes over your body… maybe it’s a fever… maybe it’s love? Or it might as well be. Now all anyone wants to do is be helpless in someone’s (anyone’s) arms. Previously independent women have turned into 13 year old hopeless romantics and fuccbois all of sudden familiarize themselves with consistency and quick reply times. That means


a. The world is ending

b. Venus is in retrograde


c. It’s cuffing season.


Now for those of you that aren’t familiar with the infamous season, cuffing season is that cozy period during fall and winter where your least-likely-to-be-tied-down-friend decides to emotionally and physically brave the frigid cold for the months to come with a boy or girlfriend they’ve probably never showed interest in before now.

So in honor of this sex driven season, I have concocted a playlist to inspire you both under the sheets and in your crush’s class. This playlists consists of obscure Soundcloud artists that will leave your virgin ears yearning for more. But don’t worry, if you need familiar voices like Miguel to motivate you in the bedroom or Drake to get you in your subconscious feels I’ve got you. Either way, this cuffing season playlist  is dedicated to helping you secure a bae this winter.

Click shuffle and enjoy!