An Old-School Music Experience

Written by Hayley Maine

The Saber gets opinions on the CSU Dining Services’ new music application, RockBot.   


Have you noticed something new in the dining halls of Columbus State University- particularly, the new variety in music? That might be because CSU’s Dining Services added a new music-sharing application called RockBot. The service functions much like a jukebox would in old diners. Students can download the app, register their RockBot-friendly location, and pick a song to be played after the next one ends. Each student has a limited number of free songs to play to ensure a good variety of music. Senior English major Brandon Mccullough and freshman computer science major Debray Johnson shared their opinions on Rockbot’s implementation.

“I think it’s a great idea. I always did wish they didn’t play the same stuff every day, but with so many people there with so many different opinions about music, it could be annoying and tedious. There is also the problem that people always get way over hyped to some music and could be obnoxious and make a scene. But whether it’s a good thing or bad thing, I’d say mostly a good thing,” said Mccullough.

“I think it’s a good service that allows users to take turns playing their music preferences in a public area. I think the idea is genius, and due to the limited free-used a day, there is a spam deterrent. So, it’s unlikely that one person will monopolize the music,” added Johnson.

Overall, the service does provide a chance for students to experience new music and artists. What do you think of RockBot?  If you’re not sure, you’re an app away from giving it a try!